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Phone Calls from Beyond the Grave

Television is riddled with reality shows featuring ghost investigations.  Many of the investigators are seen with a digital voice recorder in tow as they try to capture electronic voice phenomena, better known as EVP.  The idea is to ask suspected earth bound spirits various questions to see if their disembodied voices will respond.  An EVP is audible upon playback but not heard in real time.  The theory is that spirits are made of energy and they are able to manipulate electronic devices to charge their energy in order to communicate with the living.  This is why it's believed haunted houses experience electrical issues such as the lights mysteriously switching off and on, televisions and radios going haywire, and the sensations of cold spots.  Cold spots are reported as a specific area in an environment which is inexplicably much colder than the space around it.  It's said that spirits draw energy from the surrounding atmosphere which creates the unusually cold area.

If we are to believe that the souls of our loved ones can utilize the energy from the electronic devices and manipulate the environment around the living, then could this explain the phenomenon of receiving phone calls from beyond the grave?  There have been many reports from around the world of people receiving communication via telephone from those who have departed.  Often times, it's not even known that the caller is deceased.  I recently interviewed a woman named named Bety who recounted the following story.

Approximately 13-14 years ago, Bety was ... ... ....


Wow!  It's as if Lisa [intentionally] provided a tantalizing cliffhanger to one of her pieces -- teasing us all, I suspect.  Great submission!  This type of thing is right up my alley.  Can't get enough of it!  The heading, 'Phone Calls from Beyond the Grave' really grabbed my attention and elicited my interest.  And the informative, descriptive opening paragraphs [completely] immersed me in the eerie subject matter.  After reading this excerpt, [who couldn't] be hungering to find out what Bety's personal story of a phone call from the dead was all about??!! (I'm sure I'M not the only one who is salivating in anticipation!!!  Bear in mind that this IS a real, NON-Fiction account of an individual's experience and, furthermore, the interviewer is a bona fide paranormal investigator.  There's a saying that 'truth is stranger than fiction.'  So, if you gravitate toward the weird and strange, you've gotta explore this person's writtings.  I've been informed that she operates a popular blog in which loads of supernatural stories, such as this one, are posted on it.  If only I knew the name of it so I could indulge my enthusiasm for all things mysterious and spooky.  If only I could read [this story] further and discover what happened.  But I'll just have to try to be patient and wait until Group Read time rolls around to fulfill my curiosity about Bety's bizarre, ghostly experience and delve even further into this paranormal researcher's collection of investigative writings.  (1-LB-F)

Lisa is onto something big with "Phone Calls from Beyond the Grave"!  She had my attention from the title...and kept me thirsting for more.  She is a very gifted and talented writer that I think will definitely be around for a long time.  (4-SWB-F)