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Hi, guys and gals:

Two notes which you'll surely be interested in!

1.) Possibly more book pictures by LauraAnn coming. (The one I had on the front page was GREAT, but with her finger to her lips, it gave too much of an impression that the site is laser-focused on romance novels.  That's the only reason I made the switch.  The picture with Stefanie has a better background--bookshelf with books--and it's better suited for the site.)

2.) I might be setting up an advice column, and LauraAnn said she'd like to start giving people advice.  So, maybe she can get some notoriety not only from modeling but by giving good, helpful advice to people, as well.  And maybe it'll even serve as a launching pad for her in that area.  Like, she could be known as: "The Advice Giving Model" or something.