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One day, the title of YOUR book could be in the white space! Imagine THAT!

Books N' Bios is a haven for all of you aspiring authors to post nearly anthing you want about yourself and your manuscript, book, or blog.  You can also get acquainted with [other] aspiring authors, and read their works.  Furthermore, [published] authors may issue advice to all those trying to get published so that they can 1.) experience the joy of refining their craft, and 2.) stand a better chance of attracting a publisher.  This is simply the PLACE TO GO if you're an aspiring author!

Here are the ground rules: 

1.) Your Book: Just describe what it's about, without identifying the title. 

2.) Your Bio: No last names or photos.  Otherwise, anything goes!  (The idea is to induce an interest in your work, apart from superficial factors that might be taken into account, such as someone thinking: "That's a catchy-sounding titile," or "That's a good-looking face.")  Furthermore, we want everyone on this site to initially remain anonymous.  (Permanently, if you so desire.) 

3.) Submit a sample of your writing to this site; no more than 1 chapter.  Comments will follow.

At a later time, the title and your name (and photo, if you choose to include it) will be known by everyone on this site who wants to read your book... provided you elect to share this information.  (Once again, you reserve the option of remaining completely anonymous.)  We will, then, conduct Group-Reads/Reviews on your WHOLE book (if you choose), instead of just the excerpt posted on this site. 

This is NOT a contest; no book will be judged better than any other(s)!  There are NO losers!  EVERYONE is a winner!

Requirements: To participate in Books N' Bios, you must help one another by making comments and giving advice.  Constructive criticism coupled with positive reinforcement will be the life-blood of this website.

Note: This website is for people who are genuinely interested in reading others' works, not JUST in promoting their own; it's our own little "aspiring authors' book club" ('online community', 'support group', 'literary fraternity', 'sanctuary' -- whatever you want to call it, however you wish to perceive it.)

  • Hopefully, this website will produce a handful of bestselling authors.  That's our goal, here at Books N' Bios!

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